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The Full Stack Agency series looks to empower agency owners and freelancers to offer world class digital portfolios such as websites, web apps or digital products.

Building a Web Scraper in Python to Write 2 Books

Writing books is easy!! Oh, and knowing basic Python helps!

Agile Shorts

Weird Agile words are taken from the Lingo: Agile book.

Offering Agile in to Clients with Prajin Shee

in this discussion, I consult with Prajin Shee about Gray Media’s Agile processes. We touch on difficulties in changing scope while working with startups, built-in quality when developing MVP, and how to become more tightly coupled with Agile.

Agile in 6 Minutes

Today, we will be talking about Agile project management what exactly is it and some huge misconceptions about Agile and its relationship to things like  Scrum or Kanban.

A Brief Intro to Agile (In Plain English)

Today, we will be talking about Agile project management, what it is, and why you should be running some sort of agile process in your web design and development projects whether you’re an agency or in a team. What is Agile? If you haven’t heard about Agile, it’s the way software and website projects have…
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