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Acronyms added to Lingo book series!

After much anticipation and request, we’ve added a completely new section to the Lingo series which we hope you’ll find extremely useful!

UI Animation Principles in Web Design

In this article, we are going to go over the core principles for introducing more interactions and animations into your websites in order to make them more engaging and above all, user friendly. We’ll cover. How to navigate budget/time constraints The different levels (types) of interactions The 5 elements of interaction design Easing and parallax…
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GSAP Animations with NO CODE!!

A proper look at Pinegrow’s no code interactions editor which uses Greensock’s GSAP library. The correct way to hide on load (12:00) JavaScript vs CSS animations: Greensock study:

Building a Web Scraper in Python to Write 2 Books

Writing books is easy!! Oh, and knowing basic Python helps!

Startup Lingo Book by Samuel Gregory


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Front End Developer Reacts to Apple Event 2022

Web Developer Reacts To Apple Event (2022) Website

Taking a look at Apple’s latest product pages after the 2022 March Event. Episode Transcript Yesterday or last night or depending on where in the world you are apple released a new set of products and as always the event was high quality and exciting and the products themselves I think are quite cool I…
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Exciting Announcement!!

Episode Transcript So with the recent transition of kind of encapsulating the content on this channel under the full stack agency, I thought it would be a great idea to offer more personalised support for you guys and create a space to discuss these videos and all things related to web design and development. So…
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Agile Shorts

Weird Agile words are taken from the Lingo: Agile book.

Offering Agile in to Clients with Prajin Shee

in this discussion, I consult with Prajin Shee about Gray Media’s Agile processes. We touch on difficulties in changing scope while working with startups, built-in quality when developing MVP, and how to become more tightly coupled with Agile.

Agile in 6 Minutes

Today, we will be talking about Agile project management what exactly is it and some huge misconceptions about Agile and its relationship to things likeĀ  Scrum or Kanban.