Exciting Announcement!!

The Full Stack Agency series looks to empower agency owners and freelancers to offer world class digital portfolios such as websites, web apps or digital products.

Exciting Announcement!!

Episode Transcript

So with the recent transition of kind of encapsulating the content on this channel under the full stack agency, I thought it would be a great idea to offer more personalised support for you guys and create a space to discuss these videos and all things related to web design and development.

So I’m super happy to announce that I’ve created a Discord server.

I’ve invited a bunch of web and tech professionals and will continue to do so who have kindly offered to answer questions and keep this Discord a valuable place to hang out. 

so feel free to reach out on some of the dedicated channels with anything you might want to ask. 

I also invite you to help your fellow members and join the conversation!

I’ve broken the groups up into stuff like UX, UI, no-code, Pinegrow, Webflow and project management with stuff like agile.

I’ll also be releasing videos on the discord that you won’t see here so a bunch of extra content and extended episodes.

Finally, If you were to download one of the products over on thefullstackagency.xyz you’ll also get access to private channels specifically for conversations around that topic.

This is all new to me so if you wanted to support the early beginnings of something that I hope grows into an amazing place for all things web design and development, then I’ll leave a link down in the description or you can click on ‘community’ over at thefullstackagency.xyz

I welcome your feedback as always so let me know over on Discord if you have any suggestions.

Thanks again for tuning in and your continued support and comments and I’ll hopefully see you in the Discord.

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